Justin M. Rao


(Justin will follow conventions and write his bio in the third person, but you really know I am the one writing it.)

Justin M. Rao was born in Houston, TX to an Australian immigrant and an Indian immigrant. Justin began writing bios for himself in 2009, when he found out, to his dismay, that they are required for seminar annoucement emails. Over that time he has experimented with the various schools of bio writing: humble & dry, list of accomplishments, long-form biographical, abstract expressionistic (e.g. simply sending a bizarre symbol made in MS Paint) and self-referentially absurd. Now a champion of the last school, his bios have recently been heralded as "totally uninformative," "what is this supposed to be, a joke?" and "please send me a real bio." More information on Justin can be found in the "talk section" of his not-yet-created Wikipedia page.


At the 2012 AEA meetings, I performed a 12-minute set in the "Comedy Session", you can watch it here. Preston McAfee called the performance "scarily accurate on all counts."

Past Bad Decisions

My official USA Boxing record is 0-1, with a TKO loss. Let this be a cautionary tale to all you aspiring Ph.D. boxers. Although the workout is great.

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