Justin M. Rao

Data from Experiments

Data from Good-News Bad-News Effect is available at the AEJ Micro website (this includes do files and annotation).

Data from Power of Asking is available by request (jmrao@yahoo-inc.com).

Basketball Stuff

Salaries 2003-2009.(right click, save link as) This data set gives for each player and year in the sample: his team, annual salary, total contract size, contract years remaining and position.

Salaries with stats. (right click, save link as) This dataset takes all the stats from the years under study in "He Got Game" Theory (2005-2009). For each player it gives raw totals such as games, points, rebounds, etc. It also gives various other advanced statistics. There is one observation per players, so the advanced stats are averaged over the time frame. It also gives average annual salary for this time period and average contract years remaining. There might be some other stuff in there too!